Rigs and Salvage

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Rigs and Salvage

Post  Guest on Sun Jan 24, 2010 3:24 pm

I will be producing rigs for both the corp and the corp's members - just need two things.

People to contract or trade me any spare salvage they have. I know some of it is valuable, so perhaps you might want to sell that - but the cheap stuff that gives you only a few isk, well, it all adds up in terms of producing rigs.

Happy to take all offerings, and will work on some stuff. My outputs will generally depend on what volume of stuff I get. I intend to donate all my mission salvage to this scheme.

I will pass rigs onto someone responsible in the corp and they can decide what best use to make of it - once that aspect is organised, we may be sufficient enough to take orders from within - no reason why we cannot sell rigs cheaply to our members.

So, if you want to make a contribution to this little programme, please throw your salvage my way. I will keep a record so that if we should come up with a prize for the best donator, you'll know about it.

Regards, Jane. (Just Jane - no more no less)


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